Welsh Place Names

The following is a list of Welsh Place Names that have been featured in Auntie’s Travels.

Aber: Can have a number of meanings based upon its geographical position. Often refers to the mouth or estuary of a river, but can also mean a small river or a confluence of two rivers.

Afon: River

Bach: Small

Blaenavon: literally means “front of the river” or loosely “river’s source” 

Brianne:  possibly of the mountains

Cadair: Chair

Caerleon: City of the Legion. Towns beginning with “Caer” are often associated with Roman occupation.

Carreg: Rock, Stone

Carn: Cairn

Castell: Castle

Castell Caerreg Cennen: The castle on the rock above the (river) Cennen.

Cennen: Name of a river flowing from the Brecon Beacons through Carmarthenshire.

Coch: Red

Cwm: Valley

Defynnog: Combining a personal name Dyfwn and the suffix og the name means ‘the territory belonging to Dyfwn’.

Dinas: A fort or camp

Ddu/Du: Black, dark

Fach: from Bach – small, little.

Faes: Field, Meadow. Mutated form of Maes

Fawr: from Mawr – large, big

Filiast: Greyhound

Ffordd: Road.

Glyder: from the Welsh word “Gludair”, meaning a heap of stones

Goedog:  Wooded, from Coed.

Harlech: Beautiful rock

Idris: Idris was a giant who used a mountain as his seat – Cadair Idris

Isaf: Lower

Llanerch-y-medd: Llanerch meaning clearing, glade and Medd from mead

Llech:  a flat stone

Llyn: Lake

Lleyn: land of the Lageni (tribe)

Llundain: London

Maen: Stone, rock

Maes: Field, meadow.

Maentwrog: Twrog’s stone. Twrog was a mythological giant.

Mawr: Large, big.

Moel: Bare hill

Moel Hebog: Bare hill of the hawk.

Mynydd: Mountain

Penderyn: Bird’s Head. Pen = Head. Deryn = abbreviation of aderyn – bird.

Penmon: Pen (which can mean “head”, “end” or “promontory”) and Môn, which is the Welsh word for Anglesey.

Porth: Port

Porthmadog: Madog’s port. Named after Madock, who developed the area.

Pysgotwr: Fisherman

Rhandirmwyn: Land of minerals

Traeth: Beach

Trawsfynydd: across (the) mountain

Trwyn Du: Black nose

Tryfan: Three headed. From Tri – Three and Fan – hill, peak.

Uchaf: Upper

Ysgubor: barn, granary, farm building

Ystrad: Vale, wide valley

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