Offa’s Dyke – Prestatyn and the end!

Well we finally made it. It was a relatively short haul to the sea and the end of the Offa’s Dyke path at Prestatyn, on the North Wales Coast. Over the past 5 years we walked all of the 187 miles of the path, and a few more when we went wrong a couple of times.

Some of the days walking were tough, especially the area around New Church in the middle. Some were a real bore, like the day meandering along the River Severn just after Welshpool. Some were a delight like the section to Hays Bluff, despite being in subzero temperatures. The snow around Kington caught us off guard a little, but the bacon sandwiches and hot tea in the cafe were fantastic.

But today, there is not much to write about. The rain kept away, but threatened all day, and seemed to be chasing us out of the hills.


Toby the dog finished it in fine fettle, and was given ‘oh such a cute dog’ comments by all we passed as he trotted along behind us. A major achievement for a 15 year old! Not the the comments but the 60 miles we’ve walked this week.

The views were a little disappointing today due to the very low cloud base so I’ll only show the final pose we had by the sign at the end of the walk.


And I had to have a paddle just to finish it all off, but it was a little chilly to stay to long. Now comes the champagne.


Still not had an ice cream. Aunty would be proud of me!

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