Pembrey, Birds and Autumn Light

The wales their forecast promised us a fair weekend. Cloudy but with sunny periods. What it didn’t forecast was the heavy showers, strong winds and a dropping temperature. But did we let that stop us? Absolutely no!

We’re staying at the caravan park just on hedge of Pembrey County Park. Just to the west of Llanelli, the park is on the site of an explosives factory with a history going back to 1882, before reopening during the First World War and again during the Second World War. Now it is sparsely forested with pines, hosting woodland walks all backed by miles of sandy beach.

Along the beach there are clear views across the bay towards The Gower. It looks cold in the photo, and I have to admit it was the warmest of autumn mornings with the wind whipping up the waves. Aunty was well trussed up in coat, hat and gloves.


The light at this time of year though never as bright as the summer, is much cleaner.


But the rain stayed away, except for a couple of very short light showers, and the light did get a little better. A Meadow Pipit posed obligingly for a couple of photos on a fence post.



Later on the sun did shine when we were in Laugharne, giving a couple of opportunities for some more bird photos. Jackdaws can provide a great deal of entertainment, They are always busy doing something. But what fascinates me the different textures of their feathers. The “grey hood” feathers appear to be very course, in comparison with the delicate feathers on the legs.


Later on we came across a Pied Wagtail perching and posing on an old seat.



Another of my favourite birds is the Black Headed Gull. Though at this time of the years there is little evidence of the black head associated with it’s breeding plumage in the spring and summer.



Later on we popped into Burry Port to have a look at the harbour. Aunty allowed me a few moments to watch the small group of Red Shank, but not too long mind.


But the highlight came right at then end as the sun was setting. It broke through the heavy cloud cover with a brilliant yellow colour casting the boats and small lighthouse into deep contrast.



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