Solar Eclipse – Shame about the photographer

This morning we had a partial solar eclipse of the sun so I tried and failed to take a reasonable photograph. Luckily the time was reasonable with the eclipse started at 9.25 am. The down side was I had a conference call that started at 9am and everyone had to put up with me banging about with the tripod and camera for a few minutes. Then to complicate things the post man arrived, followed by a delivery man. Both of whom thought I was talking to them while standing outside the front door with the camera and trying to participate fully into the conference call.

I tried taking the photos by using a couple of neutral density filters but even with two it didn’t cut out enough light and I ended up with a severe halo around the sun. I suggested to Aunty that in order to practice we now need to chase eclipses around the world. I can’t say that this suggestion was greeted with any discernible level of enthusiasm. Never mind.

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