The Albion – Welsh 100: No 19.

Well once you’ve travelled on a Victorian Tramway up the Great Orme and explored a Bronze Age copper mine, what do you do next? Have a pint or two of course. The Albion Pub in Chapel Street, Conway is a proper pub that serves a great choice of beers. 

Aunty waiting impatiently for me to catch up.

Besides the usual big brands there was a mouth watering list of 8 local beers. Too much choice. What to do? Well you start off with three different brews at 1/3 pint each. So first up were Cwrw Ysgawen, Chwaden Aur and Welsh Black. The Cwrw Ysgawen turned out to be my favourite with a sharp tang of Elder Flower. Chwaden Aur was a little lost after this. But then I was hit with nutty taste of the the Wlesh Black.


After another pint though it was time to go home, but a great place for your own mini beer festival. Go, and go now! Cheers!


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