Cheesy Bites. Welsh 100 – No 32

This one wasn’t planned. We were driving aimlessly around Pembroke under the Preselli Hills, when we sudden.y noticed a huge Caws outlined in treeson the hillside. For those no in the know, Caws is Welsh for cheese. Cheese we weren’t looking for, but cheese we found. Wales has a long tradition of cheese making, and there are hundreds of small artisan cheese makers scattered around the countryside. This discovery was very welcome and a little unusual.


Pant Mawr Cheese is made in a small farm right on the edge of the village of Rosebush. A small collection of cottages and houses that seems to have been bypassed by the past 30 years. The first thing you notice as you park in the tiny farm yard is the tin roofed outbuilding that acts as the shop.
There is no shortage of humour around as well. Must get one of those blue signs for our house.

But what about the cheese I hear you cry. It was very good. They make 7 different cheeses, and I tasted them all. The Caws Cerwyn and Caws Preseli are soft young cheeses, full of taste. The Drewi Sant is another soft cheese sprayed with mead. Not sure that this worked. But I did like the Mature Cerwyn. There are also 2 goats cheese, Heb Enw (No Name). One unsmoked and the other smoked. After careful consideration I left with Caws Cerwyn and the Mature Cerwyn. So if you fancy some great tasting young Welsh Cheese then you can order on-line as well: Pant Mawr Cheese


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