After an epic journey here last night from home due to delays in Frankfurt Airport and then  a missed train I eventually arrived at 10pm. I’m here for conference, and giving a short presentation later. Though the sun did shine meteorologically this morning it did metaphorically and so after a hearty, and heathy breakfast (note to Aunty) I had a good old mooch around the city centre. Aunty is at home and so I’m allowed out to play. Though I did have a cunning plan during my amblings. I need to find the shortest route from the conference hall to the nearest Irish Pub so I can watch the Wales v England game this evening. And I found one – so I might be a very loud Weshman in a suit later tonight.

This grand looking building is right outside my hotel bedroom. It’s not a mosque but an old tobacco factory.



2 thoughts on “Dresden

  1. Wonderful photos.


    1. Many thanks. I am always surprised how good the iPhone camera is.


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