You can’t ignore it. It stands there brooding over the city of Bogota. Almost threatening with its sheer bulk. Montserrat at 3125 meters high is just there. So what else is there to do on a Sunday in Bogota but to ascend to the top. Now I did cheat a little, OK l cheated a lot. I got onto a cable car.


Although you can get a crick in the neck looking up, the view looking down over the city is breathtaking. It’s a shame that the air couldn’t have been a little clearer, but it was looking like another thunderstorm was coming.

In 1640 the Governer of Colombia gave the order to build a church on top of the mountain, and it was finally completed in 1657. Now I take my hat of to the people who built the church then. Without modern equipment it must have been really tough carrying all the material to the top. Glad it wasn’t me. As I was walking around I was getting a little breathless, thinking I was really unfit unti I remember that I was over 10,000 feet up a mountain.


The place was heaving with visitors and worshippers. But I could see there was rain on the way so I cut short my visit and took the furnicular railway down before the rush started.

And boy did it rain!


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