Two Pauls On A Gentle Nature Ramble

The weather that Caulkhead and I had in Pembrokeshire was perfect for walking, and perfect for a nature ramble. Though being us we still managed to clock up 9 miles on one of the days. We had the idea of going down to Bosherston Ponds as there was a promise of otters. But this wasn’t to be. In fact despite the blurb about Bosherston that the National trust publish, the warden admitted she hadn’t seen any for a few years now. This was one of the reason that Aunty and I visited a few years ago, but it’s still a great place none the less. So we left the ponds and headed off to Stackpole Quay and then along the coast back towards the car. The following is just a few select landscapes, flora and fauna shots that took my fancy on the day.

Whitethroat 2016-06-06
There was a breeding pair of Whitethroat right on the path, giving us fantastic views as they flew back and forth with food for the chicks.
Viper's Bugloss 2016-06-06
This is one of my favourite flowers at this time of year. Viper’s Bugloss – Echium vulgar – often puts on a show, especially with established plants. but occasionally when it grows as a single stem on the edge of the cliff it is something else.
Speckled Wood 2016-06-06
A common butterfly near woodland and hedgerows the Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria can be quite obliging and often seems to pose for a photograph.
Raven 2016-06-06
Ravens are handsome birds, the sheen of their feathers gives them a sleek appearance. though their cranking calls can never be classified as a song.
Thrift 2016-6-06
Thrift – Armeria marítima – gorros in profusion along the cliff tops, and seemingly in almost every conceivable crevice on the cliffs themselves.
Painted Lady 2016-06-09
It seemed this year that almost everywhere we went we came across Painted Ladies – Vanessa cardui. This was especially so where Thrift was growing.
Cow Parsley 2016-06-06
A common plant at this time of year is Cow Parsley – Anthriscus sylvestris – which when growing in large drifts looks fantastic. It is now being used by garden designers to provide a show during spring time.
FullSizeRender 3
One type of beautiful wasp too look out for when you walk along sea cliffs are member of the Chrysis group. These are parasitic wasps, and can be very difficult to identify to species level – well at least I find it very difficult! The name is derived from Greek chrysis, meaning a gold vessel or gold-embroidered dress. A fitting name I think.
Stackpole Quay 2016-06-06
As you walk along the coast in Pembrokeshire it is impossible not to become fascinated by the geology of the area. The rock formations clearly show how the forces of plate tectonics and other geological processes fold and fracture rocks.
Common Blue Damselfly 2016-06-06
Common Blue Damselflies Enallagma cyathigerurm – seemed to be particularly common this year, and made an appearance at any body of freshwater we came across. The imperative to breed is evident here as the more showy male clasps the female to prevent her breeding with another mate before her eggs are laid.


Barrafungal Bay 2016-06-06
It can’t be ignored, but this part of the coast is very busy with shipping as Milford Haven provides a huge deep water port that is used by large tankers. The juxtaposition of this industry against the beauty of the beach at Barrafungal Bay can provide a striking contrast.
Agrypnus murinus 2016-06-06
And to finish. Before it opened its wing cases this Click Beetle – Agrypnus murinus – presented a very dowdy image. But then a flash of orange difficult to miss. Isn’t nature full of surprises?

1 thought on “Two Pauls On A Gentle Nature Ramble

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic ramble – so much beautiful wildlife in equally beautiful surroundings.


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