Unloved Central Park

I’ve left Aunty at home and flown to Malaysia for a few days work. It’s hot and humid here in Kuala Lumpur and being British I’m not used to this. Too hot to do anything, and it’s made me a little lazy, but that could also be the jet lag speaking as well. So after checking my presentations for the week I escaped for a while. Not that there’s much option besides the huge air conditioned shopping centre next door. But I have found a small, slightly dilapidated park opposite the hotel that has seen better days and now looks unloved. But I managed a quick nature fix just the same. 

The heron is tiny, not much larger than a pigeon – see if you can find it. I’ve no idea what the names of the dragon flies are, but it was a challenge to get them with the iPhone. Good job the park was abandoned or I might have been arrested for skulking in the bushes! Mad dogs and Welshmen! 

There used to be a miniature railway here but this now looks like the remains of a disaster movie, and the children’s playground has been under repair for many years by all appearances. It’s a shame really, as this is the only greenery  around here.

2 thoughts on “Unloved Central Park

  1. Great dragonflies though I think I need new specs to be able to see your heron. Have you been to the bird park in KL – nice variety of species in relatively natural setting? And the Islamic art museum is fantastic – and air-conditioned.


    1. I’ve been to a number of places in and around KL over the years, but most of the time there is so little time available. Usually I’ve flown in overnight and then gone straight into meetings. Thus time I had planned an extra day, but in the end spent most if it finishing my workshop presentations for the next four days. Next time! But I’ve size said that before!

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