I’ve just spent a few days working in Krakow, but this morning was the first time I had the opportunity for a quick walk around before leaving for the airport. This is a beutiful city and I just wish I had more time to send here. But I will be back and Aunty and Number One Daughter. So just from a quick walk around here is a few photos to give an impression of the old city. Of course there is so much more…..

The Sukiennice Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square. There is still a market below, but this is tourist shops now. On the upper floor is an art gallery dedicated to 19th Century Polish Art.
Church of St Adalbert, one of the oldest stone built churches in Poland.
St Mary’s Basilica, built in the first part of the 13th Century.
The Old Town Hall Tower, is the only remained part of the Old Town Hall, demolished in 1820. It’s cellars once housed the city prison with a Medieval torture chamber.

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