Tryfan – 2Ps scale the heights

Everyone knows Tryfan don’t they. Ask anyone who has experience of the hills and mountains of Wales has either climbed it or have it on their list to climb. And yes, there is some climbing to do. It may not be very high, but it is more of a challenge than many of the higher peaks in Wales. The name Tryfan is derived from Tri Faen – Three Rocks. Referring to the three humps on the ridge of this iconic mountain. With the sunshining and Cader Idris already ticked of our summit list for the week, the 2 Pauls hit the rocks.

Tryfan 170511
The view of Tryfan from the west as we drove along the Ogwen Valley on the A5.

Tryfan soars over the Ogwen valley, and forms part of the Gyderau, Glydyr Fact and Glydyr Fawr, though both are taller than Tryfan itself. At 3010 feet (or for the more modern – 917 meters) above sea level, it is the 15th highest peak in Wales. And what a peak!

Tryfan 170511
This was the easy part from the car park along the river as it tumbles form Llyn Idwal

The approach is relatively easy from Llyn Ogwen top to Llyn Bochlwyd. Then there is another easy section around the lake before you are confronted with the seemingly impregnable jagged rock field towering above.

Tryfan 170511
Looking down onto Llyn Bochlwyd guarded by the lower slopes of Glydyr Fair behind

The challenge of scrambling over the sharp rocks was worth the effort for the views alone down the Ogwen Valley taking in Llyn Bochlwyd, Llyn Idwal and Llyn Ogwen down towards Angelsey in the distance.

Tryfan 170511
The start of the boulder field
Tryfan 170511
The views were fantastic – so much so I just had to pose.

At the top are two pillars named Adam and Eve. The tradition is to jump from one to the other. After the fight through the boulder fields and the climb to the top either of us fancied this at all. I did try to persuade Paul S – ‘Man of Action’ to attempt it, but he wasn’t having anything of it.

Tryfan 170511
Would you Adam and Eve it?
Tryfan 170511
Looking north from the top. Phew!

It took up 4 hours to go up and down. The map said we had only covered 3.8 miles, but that didn’t take into account the grunt needed for a couple of middle aged men to get tot eh top. It seemed so much harder and more difficult than it was 17 years ago the last time I climbed to the top. Maybe I’ll leave Everest for a few more years!



3 thoughts on “Tryfan – 2Ps scale the heights

  1. I’m glad you did it and shared the pictures – now I don’t have to! 🙂


    1. Vicarious experience not allowed. It has to be done in person

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      1. Not sure I’m up to rock scrambling but those views sure are mighty fine!

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