Porthcawl to Ogmore and back

The weather at the weekend had turned cold and it looked promising for a short walk along the beach between Porthcawl and Ogmore so we could fill in a couple of gaps along the coastal path. It was sunny when we started, but it soon turned colder, the wind got up and to top it all we were caught in an almighty squall that soaked us both. The only option was to retire for a pasty and hot drink before setting off home. There is no long spiel on this blog, just a few photos.

Porthcawl-Ogmore 171125
The observation tower opposite the funfair on the edge of Rhych Point between Sandy Bay and Trecco Bay
Porthcawl lighthouse
Porthcawl Lighthouse from behind the dunes of Sandy Bay
Porthcawl 1
We weren’t the only intrepid explorers along the shore
Porthcawl-Ogmore 171125
The remains of a small shore crab seemingly hiding among the sea weed
Porthcawl-Ogmore 171125
A neat collection fo sea shells left by the receding tide. From the little I know about sea shells the includes limpet, periwinkle, whelks (various) and top shells. A couple have characteristic holes in the top of the shell showing where whelks have drilled their way in to eat them.
Porthcawl-Ogmore 171125 – Version 2
Looking towards Ogmore, 4 miles in the distance.

1 thought on “Porthcawl to Ogmore and back

  1. Porthcawl is Welsh for ‘almighty squall’. There’s not many people know that.

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