Mackrel at Little Haven – Welsh 100 #60

It was Aunty’s Birthday and what better way to celebrate than to have freshly caught local mackerel. The original Welsh 100 list suggest that we should be buying the mackerel from the local fishermen as they land their catch, but I’m not sure whether the compilers of the list have been to New Haven recently. Boats there are, albeit only a few, but they are certainly not fishing boats.

We didn’t need any other invitation

What to do? The alternative had to be an evening meal at the charismatic Swan. this was originally a house built built 200 years ago as close to the beach as is possible without having it’s foundations in the sand. It was turned into a pub. In the 1970s it was run by George and Pamela Nelson-Edwards, he an ex-Battle of Britain pilot, she the daughter of the Reverend Harold Davidson of Stiffkey, Norfolk – the campaigning “prostitute’s padre” who died being mauled by a lion in Skegnes. Then in 2007 it was refurbished and reopened, and with its large gin selection and two open fires in the main bar area this could easily become my favourite pub. As we waited for our table we began to get very comfortable sitting next to the roaring wood fire. Did I mention it was a little chilly? Surely it shouldn’t be this cold at the end of May, very different from last year. Oh and the food was pretty good too.

What better after a great meal than a spectacular sunset. As we came out of The Swan the sky provided us with a spectacular show as the sun set across St Brides Bay highinglighting St David’s head in the distance.

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