Carn Llidi Burial Chambers

Below the summit of Carn Llidi there is a rocky outcrop about 120m above sea level that forms a level platform before the climb continues upwards. This area has been used for thousands of years, the latest was during the Second World War an observation post and gun were positioned here to protect the approach from the sea. The concrete foundations and mini road are still visible. However, almost hidden amongst the rocky outcrops and fallen stones are two small earth-bound burial chambers, thought to date from the 4th to early 3rd millennium BC. The commanding views to the north, south and west take in Ramsey Island and the Bishops, and on the evening we visited were breathtaking.

Western Tomb showing clearly the capstone supported. by the single upright.

It is thought that the building of the gun emplacement may have destroyed any ritual evidence with the site, as it seems that some of the burial chamber material has been incorporated into the foundations of the WWII site. The two chambers seem to resemble others in this area, both in their positioning in the landscape and in their design. Being sited on rocky outcrops may have made them visible to all who approached the area. The design seems to include two chambers, one small and one larger one, covered by a large capstone. Whether the chambers were then covered by a mound remains unclear.

The collapsed Eastern Tomb.

The western chamber is the larger one and the capstone is supported by a single upright which is set into a earth b bound rock cut pit. Less than 3m away the smaller eastern chamber has three uprights, but the capstone is ‘dismounted’. The site is well worth a visit if you get a chance, not just for the chambers but the view itself. Surely the views westwards must have influenced the original builders to site their chambers here.

View from the Tombs showing Ramsey Island and The Bishops.

5th July 2019

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