Fish and Chips on Barry Island – Welsh 100 #62

It has seemed to be a long, long week staring out of my home office window at the sun. Finally Friday arrived and what better way to start the weekend than making a dash to Barry Island and have a Fish & Chips supper on Barry Beach.

Apparently the place to go is O’Sheas and so being compliant and very hungry that’s where we went. And so did many other people. The queue was long and as we got closer to the front we were confronted by one of the staff popping out every now and then crying “No more gravy left!”. That’s OK we thought we don’t want gravy. Then a little later the cry went up “No more curry sauce!!”. Again OK, curry sauce on Fish & Chips is nowhere near our favourite course.

We did start to get a little worried thinking the next announcement would be “No more fish!”. Now that would have been a disaster. As it turned out, it was close, but we finally got our fish and chips. Then is was down the beach and munch time could start, and after queueing for 30 minutes I was more than ready. Out came the picnic blanket, a cup of tea and we were set.

Let the eating begin.

O’Sheas’s Fish & Chip Café was established in 1946, and is still in the same family and is now run by the current owners Grandfather. Worth noting in todays raised awareness of the use of plastics O’Sheas’ pride themselves on using only using biodegradable and recyclable packaging, ignoring the use any polystyrene products. And I congratulate them on their approach.

Oh and the Fish & Chips were really tasty. There is something about eating Fish & Chips on a beach.

Barry Beach fro the west, a long sandy stretch of fun for everyone.

So that’s another Welsh 100 completed. The first for almost 2 years because of COVID. But it is getting better, lock down restrictions are being lifted, and the vaccination program is going exceptionally well. Here’s to the future.

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