A honey ice cream at Aberaeron. Welsh 100 – No 31

Well according to the TV today was supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far. Almost every 10 minutes there are reporters and medical experts telling us how to take care of ourselves to prevent heat stroke and dehydration. All I can say with any certainty is that is was defiantly not the hottest day of the year where we were today. But did that stop us getting an ice cream? Did the rain send us scuttling for cover? “Oh no!” the pantomime audience cry out in unison.

 Right on the harbour is The Hive, a combined fish restaurant and ice cream parlour. We we’re here for the ice cream though today. At the counter we were faced with a choice of flavours – what to choose! Aunty remarked to me quickly that I was only allowed one, and one alone. 

Reinvigorated with the ice cream we had a quick walk around the harbour. I like Aberaeron a lot. The main town is centred on the harbour, with multicoloured Georgian houses surrounding the water. It’s just a shame the sun wasn’t shining and the lighting doesn’t do justice to the town. But not before we had to clean Aunty up a little. Not sure how she managed to get into such a mess.


However, there was one consolation. The parking meter wasn’t working, and so I accepted the apologies offered by the local council for the inconvenience and didn’t pay a penny.


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