The Old Drovers Road – Welsh 100 No 37

Today’s journey was another trip back in time over the beautiful but seemingly barren Cambrian mountains in mid Wales. In order to feed the growing and hungery populating in London and other industrial towns it was necessary for the farmers in west and mid Wales to get their animals safely to market. This led to tune development of drovers roads across mountain passes to take the shortest route, thereby ensuring the cattle, sheep and geese arrived in best condition.

We started at the small hamlet of Abergweswyn and travelled up Cwum Irfon, through the Abergweswyn Common.  This area is now owned by the National Trust and is being restored after over grazing in the past. 
The road across the hills between Tregaron and Abersgwesyn is a fantastic route in the sunshine and in the car. But it would have been so much different in the rain and on foot. It’s about /0 miles between the two points and the road in narrow, even by Welsh standards, allowing only single track passage along its route. There are plenty of passing places though. Couple this with hair pins bends as you ascend and descend and superb views you really have to try this drive.

We stopped lunch after a short detour to Llyn Brianne a relatively new reservoir, but what a place to enjoy lunch.  

What I did expect was to be buzzed by a Common Carder Bee all the way up here and do late in the season as well. 

Still going up after lunch.


At the top there’s not much around except for some ninja sheep. That’s Llyn Berwyn in the background if anyone’s wondering.

The road to nowhere – that’s what we were thinking after a while.  

 But it did eventually descend back down to the civilisation that is Tregaron. Go on, get in your car now!

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