Cader Idris – Second Time Around

This week the weather has been fantastic. OK a little cold in the morning, but the sun has shine throughout the week. Although Aunty and I didn’t have a great deal of luck with the weather when we went up Cader Idris last year (see here), this year its different when the 2 Pauls attempted the ascent. Again this is mainly more photos than text as I’ve covered Cader previously. But I hope you like the photos and excuse the repeated blog.

The Minffordd Path is perhaps the shortest but steepest of the ways up Cader takes you through an oak forest following Nant Cader as it tumbles down the steep slopes.
Cader Idris 170507
As we progressed jus the steep path we quickly came to the tree line, passing through a gate which almost represented a barrier between the land below and the land above.
Cader Idris 170507
Bilberries abound among the slopes of Cader Idris, ready to provide a feast later in the year. I will always remember the time when Aeon’s Mum made us some Billbery Jam one year after we have foraged the hillsides for hours collecting the ripe berries later in the year.
Cader Idris 170507
Paul looking across across the valley and down on to the raid towards Corris.
Cader Idris 170507
Llyn Cau from the path up Craig Lwyd. Llyn Cau itself could be a destination in itself, and is a fantastic place for the. mid-morning coffee.
Cader Idris 170507
Pen y Cader, brooding over Llyn Cau. This is the summit of Vader Idris.
Cader Idris 170507
This shows the whole of the Cader Horseshoe path, from Craig Lwyd around to Mynydd Moel on the right, all surrounding the glacial lake of Llyn Cau below.
Cader Idris 170507
Looking west from Pen y Cader is Tywyn, the small town where I was born and grew up. A beautiful coast of sand to the west and mountains to the east. A fantastic play ground for a young boy. I was very lucky.
Cader Idris 170507
Looking north from Pen y Cader looking down onto Llyn y Cader (right) and Llyn Gafr (left) with the Mawddach Estuary behind leading into the Rhinogs. 

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