Cors Caron

Strata Florida MapOn our way back from our day at the Tregaron Races and tour around Strata Florida we passed Cors Caron. Now I’ve been wanting to visit here for years, but few were never on the area. This time we were in the right area, but it was early evening so this was only a very quick visit. But we saw enough to want to come back again. Cors Caron is a nature reserve just off the main road between Tregaron and Pontrhydfendigaid. This isn’t just any reserve. Covering an area of some 2,000 acres, the reserve is made up of three raised bogs built up from deep layers of peat that have taken around 12,000 years to form.

Cors Caron 170827

Normally I get very wet when wandering around bogs, as I have a tendency to step in the wrong place, needing up to my knees in wet stuff. However, because of a network of boardwalks it’s possible to access the wild areas and the centre of the bogs. This gives you access to the beasties that you’d never normally see, except with a lot of effort, swearing and grunting as you fight your way through the morass.

Cors Caron 170827

Running in and around the reserve is the River Teifi. This gives the area whole new habitat supporting  interesting species of fish, otters and aquatic plants. No otters today though. This is a must place to revisit. I can’t wait.

Black Darter 170826
Black Darter – Sympetrum danae

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